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My website is down for the second time in about six months.  The reason my hosting company gives is hard drive failure – again!  Two times, on two different servers, in six months.  I think it may be time to make change.

So does anyone have a suggesting for a web hosting company? I’m looking for about 5GB of storage (for a small photo program I maintain),  PHP and mySQL, and not much else.  I’m not looking to break the bank on monthly fees, but anything under $25 is worth considering.  I’m currently with Midphase and have been with Hostgator (who wasn’t bad at all).

If anyone has a suggestion I would appreciate it.


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  1. There are plenty of great options under $25. Try a Google search for web hosting reviews and the ad results at the top are usually Top 10 lists with some reviews. has user reviews.Personally, I've been using LunarPage for a year. Overall I've been happy with them. I think I've found brief moments when my site's been down, but never for long (and it's possible it wasn't their fault). I haven't needed much support, but when I've contacted them they're very responsive. As they upgrade the features and capabilities of their plans, they automatically upgrade my existing account. I'd recommend 'em.

  2. Thanks Kelv. I tried Google, but sometimes it's difficult to sift through the fake versus the genuine reviews. I'll consider LunarPage.

  3. I use a company called Neureal…they are based out of Philadelphia, coincidentally, but are a national hosting company. The prices are insanely reasonable. But the thing I like the most is that their customer service is out of this world. If there's a problem, you send them a trouble ticket and you can expect to get a response within a few hours. None of this waiting for days on end crap that I've dealth with in the past. I am extremely pleased with them.

  4. I'm with Interland, which is now I don't have any tricky requirements, so I can't speak for their hard technical offerings. But their customer support is pretty good – quick and thorough. I'm paying $15/month for 5GB. And they haven't had any downtime (that I've noticed or that has been reported).

  5. Thank you for all theh suggestions. I have decided to give a smaller, more specialized web hosting service at this time. The company is called TextDrive and they seemed to be geared toward "people who love publishing on the web". It's a little steeper than my current plan, but I'm looking for stability versus cost at this point.I also consider Media Temple, but I couldn't find enough feedback for them. Oh, BTW, you should use WebHostingTalk Forums if looking for a new provider. They were very helpful in determining where to go next.Thanks to all who have commented.

  6. I have had my account with Neureal for 3 or 4 years, and overall I've been happy with them. However, I am in Canada, and their 1-877-898-1444 technical support line does NOT work from here…I've got a big problem that I can't seem to fix – my main email account is not working…I'm sent them several trouble tix, and they're not answering…Can someone call, and get a local number for me please…I'd appreciate it…Thanks — wikirandy

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