QotD: My Intro to the Big Screen


What was the first movie you remember seeing in a movie theater? 
Question submitted by mainmor.

Star Wars.  At least it was only known as Star Wars back then.  I would go with my older sister to work on the weekends.  She worked at Liberty House in San Antonio Shopping Center, which was located across the street from the Old Mill Six theaters.  I would wander the shopping center – yes, all by myself – as she put in her 6 to 8 hour work day.  If I went to work with her, I had to be willing to occupy myself the whole day.

There is only so many times you can go to the San Antonio Hobby Shop or to the bookstore, and so, I would cross the street and go to the Old Mill Six theaters  I still remember the first scene: the music, the scrolling words, the laser fire, the smoke, and Darth Vader.


3 thoughts on “QotD: My Intro to the Big Screen

  1. Ah, the Old Mill. That wood decor was right off of Hungry Hunter. (This is a local joke.)How many times did you see Episode 4, err Star Wars, in the theaters?

  2. How many times and what versions? I think I saw it about 4-5 times. The movie I saw most in a movie theater was Grease. "I saw that movie 8 times", he says with a sense of pride.

  3. Oh Grease! Another all-time fav! I saw it again within the last couple of years and it seemed so short.I probably saw it for the first time with you, yeah?I remember I really loved it but got all confused Danny & Sandy's '57 Chevy floated up into the sky at the end. I mean, why get all fantastic on us? This was a perfectly realistic, musical portrait of '50s American high school. Why spoil it with a flying car?

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