A Few Photos from the Walk

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I need to start labeling my photos, either locally or on my Flickr account, but preferribly locally.  Part of the whole tagging and captioning bit is to easily find photos, right?  It’s going to take some time to go through all 14000+ photos I have. 

I’m using Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0 to label my library of photos.  I’m not sure it’s the best tool or the best method to manage photos, but I’ve been using Photoshop Elements since version 2.0, so I have considerable time invested into this software.  The tagging slash commenting method is more open then proprietary (thank goodness) – being able to write the comments to the file.  If I decide to change software, then I’m (hopefully) assured that the information I have put into the photo will still be there.

Next year, I hope to be fully on the Mac platform only.  I’ve been pining for the new  Mac Pro, foolishly thinking that getting such a beauty will help me tame the organization beast.  Though iPhoto is an interesting program, I don’t know if it is robust enough for my needs.  I’ll need to see what else is available on the Mac.

Wait a minute, did I say 14K photos?  Oh my gosh! I thought I only had about 7,000 photos.  I have about 6,000 posted on Flickr, so I only have half of my photos backed up online. 

So I made a deal with my wife, farrah, that if I get my computer room in order I can get that sweet Mac Pro.  Sounds easy, right?  Well if you know me, and if you’ve seen my computer room, it’s easier said than done. 

I guess you know what I’ll be trying to accomplish this weekend.


3 thoughts on “A Few Photos from the Walk

  1. I think you've nailed the crux of my problem too. I have Elements 4.0 and love the ability to tag photos and go back and find them. My problem is Adobe programs seem painfully slow to use at times and Elements is missing some key ease of use features like "Copy" to another directory (you have to "Export" them).I'm redesiging my workflow now, and I was thinking that just pushing everything to Flickr might be a good idea and it seems you are already doing that already. Can you expand a little on the how and why. Do you have a pro account? Do you upload a smaller size? Do you allow anybody to see anything?I'm playing with Google's Picasa right now and so far I'm liking it. The feature that I like the most is you can tag the photos on import and you can open the folder that contains the photos. You can also make all the basic adjustments (color, sharpness) inside the program and it seems much, much faster than Abobe. Be warned that if you download and install it, it will index all your photos on your machine if you tell it too and it can take a while. The new beta version has a find duplicates feature which is what I really need.Congrats on the MacPro. Are you going to dualboot it? Being able to go either way just makes it seem like the most intelligent choice right now.Enjoyed the post – got me thinking.

  2. Thank you for the comments, PhotographerC.I do have a Flickr Pro account. I signed up for a Pro account a week after I signed up with Flickr. Unlimited storage for about $25/year can't be beat.What I enjoy most Flickr, compared to other online solutions, is:* Sense of Community: The ability to not only view photos of others, and inturn become inspired, but also being able to share words about their work, as well as yours. I think this is what Vox is trying to create with blogging, as Flickr does with photography. To some extent, I think it works out great.* Unlimited Stoarge: I upload full size images. I know the reason that I do this is for fear of my hard drive, and the many DVD backups I have, * Privacy: I have a lot of photos are are visible, but also many that are private. Other online solutions, such as Smugmug, only allow privacy settings on an 'album' type level. With Flickr, you choose individual photo settings, which I like.* Many many tools: Some great tools and toys for Flickr users.I've actually used Picasa several times. I've installed and uninstalled on my computer when I get upset at Elements. Have you signed up for Picasa Web? It's limited in storage space, but interesting to try. I'm close to a MacPro. The wife hasn't fully sign on to that yet. But when I do get it, I will dualboot!

  3. Yep, I'm using the Picasa Web beta but I find the storage to be very limiting. I'm actually going to try Picasa on the desktop and drag and drop to the Flickr Uploadr. A lot depends on how good and easy to use the "find duplicates" feature is.I have a pro Flickr account and haven't used it like I should.I don't think I'm going to upload full rez though, I think I'm going to downrez to a size no bigger than 1600 on the longest side.If that works, when my Flickr renewal comes up (November) I'm going to pick up the two year option.I think a MacPro dualboot would be awesome but I've got too much PC stuff right now to consider a switch.

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