Back in the USA

Farrah and I are back from our trip!  We’re pretty exhausted.  Farrah is out like a light and I will be shortly.  I just wanted to post something really quick.  I have several missing blog entries for our last days in London and our trip to France.  I have them jotted down on the laptop and will post them once I do more proof reading and editing.  They will be backdated in a sense, so you will need to go back to read the posts.

I’ll work on posting the photos and some videos of our trip when I can.  But for now a nice comfortable bed awaits.


One thought on “Back in the USA

  1. Welcome home! Tiana picked up the phone pretending she’s talking to her Auntie Farrah, she then put it down, picked it up again and now talking to Uncle Alex. She misses both of you alot! Hope we can make it in June.

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